Calvary Bilingual MultiCultural Learning Center

 Calvary Bilingual Multi Cultural Learning Center

Welcome to Calvary Bilingual MultiCultural Learning Center

Calvary Bilingual Multicultural Learning Center (CBMLC) is an organization that is committed to provide child and youth development and family support facilities to more than 400 families and children. Through its extensive network and variety of programs, CBMLC creates an environment that is conducive for child’s physical and mental development.

CBMLC’s close network of facilities is built to provide working families and their children a platform where they can learn and contribute to the society. It provides equal learning opportunities for people belonging to different cultural backgrounds. Through its strong sense of community, it helps its members learn and respect others’ values and cultures, which is an essential part of child’s learning. CBMLC’s staff, parents and children work as partners to strengthen the network and design the list of programs and supporting facilities.

A special list of programs is designed through mutual collaboration between staff and members that focuses on activities ranging from early childhood development to training facilities. With a broad range of organizational functions, CBMLC provides a sophisticated system that enhances a child’s learning experience. A vast array of resources helps seek children and youth better education, improves their physical and mental capabilities, and supports parents in bringing up their children.
Through open communication and friendly environment, CBMLC cultivates values of integrity, ethics and open mindedness. This helps in enlightening the members about other cultures and makes them more tolerant and open towards people from diverse backgrounds.

Members from different lingual and cultural settings come together where they learn, play and participate in different activities. Such environment aids in enriching their learning experience and make them better individuals. CBMLC also collaborates with related organizations to exchange views on better and advanced programs and development policies. These referrals help the organization to constantly improve its system and quality which translates to a more comfortable environment for its members. CBMLC is determined to serve as a community that strives for helping its members learn and prosper on equal basis so that they can contribute as resourceful individuals to the society and nation.