Calvary Bilingual MultiCultural Learning Center

 Calvary Bilingual Multi Cultural Learning Center

Newsletter & Annual Report

Newsletter is a good source of staying updated about the organization. It can also provide the useful information about the organization, which might not be available on the website. By subscribing to the newsletter, you can stay updated and connected to the CBMLC. Details about the programs, organizational policies and future projects can be obtained by having the newsletter sent to you on the regular basis.  They also help in maintaining a close contact with the organization. Subscribe to CBLMC newsletter and stay tuned with the organization.

Annual reports are another useful source to get an insight about the organization. It gives a fair chance to the user for evaluating the functioning and position of the organization. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement are some of the reports that are updated on regular basis at CBMLC. You can look through these to have some know-how about the position and standing of CBMLC.