Calvary Bilingual MultiCultural Learning Center

 Calvary Bilingual Multi Cultural Learning Center


L1.     What makes your program unusually excellent?
Three main things.

A. We have been doing this work for seventeen years.

B. We work at building on excellence.  We are one of only a handful of nationally certified early childhood education programs in the country.  We train and certify teachers in this field, help the parents whose children we serve and partner with distinguished universities and health providers.

C. We respond to our participants’ needs by providing a wide array of programs such as family literacy and professional development classes.

2.       What differentiates your organization from others providing similar services?
We are a model for multiculturalism in an urban community.

Specifically, we provide a curriculum that prepares young students for school and promotes high academic expectations and achievements for all students.

Our programming encompasses the whole family by providing holistic support services with specific attention to immigrant communities and the working poor.  

We strongly believe in the potential of all children regardless of their ethnic, racial or socioeconomic background.  As a result, we offer a high quality program to every enrollee.

3.    Are you a religiously affiliated organization?

No.  The Calvary in our name came from our beginning seventeen years ago in Calvary United Methodist Church located on our same block.   We are not connected with any religious group.

4.     What age range do you serve?
Children from three months to eighteen years and their parents.

5.  Is there a cost to the user? 
Yes. Families pay on a sliding scale based on family size and income.  Our full tuition rates range from $ 190- 225 per week per child depending on the age of the child.

6.       Whom should I contact regarding enrolling my child?
The Intake Office of the Center coordinates our admissions process.

7.      What percentage of donated dollars is used for overhead?
Calvary’s percentage is a low 8%.

8.     If my corporation wants to donate some volunteer or other help for your
Internet site, whom should I contact?
Please contact Julie at the Volunteer Office.   
9.     How can I find the archives I need quickly?

You can look for your required archives from the directory of state archives and records program.