Calvary Bilingual MultiCultural Learning Center

 Calvary Bilingual Multi Cultural Learning Center




In 1986, the CBMLC began offering child development services to 15 neighborhood children from the basement of a local church.  At present, CBMLC resides in its own 73,000 square foot building, donated in 1995 by Bell Atlantic, and provides comprehensive family support services to more than 400 children, youth, and families and families. During its 15 years of existence, the CBMLC has grown both programmatically and physically in order to meet the needs of its program participants, their families, and community members. The CBMLC's mission is to create a community of learning for children, youth, families, and staff.

The Learning Center's work is guided by the
principles of:


  • Providing a safe, nurturing, healthy, and accessible environment that serves children, youth, and working families.

  • Believing that one's learning experience begins with the fundamental respect for his/her strengths, culture(s), and family.

  • Cultivating family members as partners enriches a child's educational experience.
  • Collaborating with other community organizations strengthens the network of support for children, youth, families, and staff.

  • Providing quality academic and cultural experiences enriches a child's learning experience.

  • Involving children, youth, families, staff, and the larger community in program design, program evaluation, and organizational governance.

Currently, CBMLC's Healthy Families DC Program, in collaboration with five other CBOs, extends intensive home visitation to 44 mothers and supports these young women in nurturing their newborn infants.  In November 2001, the Early Childhood Program launched a full day Infant/Toddler Program serving 82 infants and toddlers from 3 months of age to 36 months. At the age of three, the children enroll in the Preschool Program, which serves 82 children ages 2 to 5 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.   Upon entering elementary school, the children then enter the School Age/Youth Program, which offers services before and after school and during school breaks and summers for 198 children and youth ages 5 to 15. CBMLC's Family Institute is a cross-cutting program that works with all families served at CBMLC to provide family counseling, parenting workshops, play therapy, social service referrals, school/family linkages, health screenings, and support to the Parents' Association.


Arts and Technology activities are integrated into each of the organization's programs. The organization offers a CDA Training Program, which has assisted 58 staff, parents, and community members in obtaining the Child Development Associate credential required to work with NAEYC accredited centers.

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