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Holiday Cards


The online store of Calvary Bilingual Multicultural Learning Center offers a variety of facilities and services to its members. These services are also dependent on certain occasions and events that are celebrated on both organizational and national levels. One of such occasions is the Holiday season.
The Holiday season starts from late November and lasts till early January every year. The holidays bring a lot of fun and exciting activities. Celebrations of the season include family feasts, social gatherings, parties, gifts and cards giving. These celebrations are considered as part of the religious duties and Christmas-related traditions. USA, Canada and other European countries prepare for the grand celebrations and people plan for months about their meetings and gatherings during the Holiday season.

One of the services that CBMLC’s online store offers includes the holiday cards. Cards with colorful displays, images and Christmas related themes are one of the main attractions of the Holiday season. They are frequently exchanged between families, friends and beloveds to convey special messages and Christmas greetings. You can get the card that you like from a wide range of Holiday season cards. Give them to your loved ones and make them feel special on this auspicious occasion.